Biblical mounds

Biblical mounds are mentioned in the bible many times, and they are considered as having a special universal cultural importance. These mounds are characteristic of different regions throughout the Middle-East and in particular Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Eastern-Turkey. Among more than 200 hills in the land of Israel, the Tel-Megiddo, Tel-Hazor and Tel-Beer-Sheba, represent some of the best examples for life during the Iron Age of the Levant area.

Known for its ground water collection systems, serving urban localities of the time.

These Tels (mounds), represent the encounter of cultures and human values, which are expressed by building styles of the antique world in Egypt, Syria and the countries of the Aegean sea and form a unique and special style. These Tels, are a testimony for a culture which disappeared – the Canaanite cities and the biblical cities of the Iron Age, which were characterized by urban planning, fortifications, palaces and technologies for collecting water.