Who are the Druze?

The Druze religion starts at the beginning of the 11th century, when it branched off the Islam. The precursor of this new sect was the Egyptian ruler Abu ‘Ali Mansur Tāriqu l-Ḥākim  (meaning  the “Ruler by Allah’s Command”), who claimed before his court people that he has had a divine revelation, and his close family (probably his sons) secretly eliminated him;  this mistake caused the hearsay that he was not dead and is going to be reincarnated as did Eliyahou the prophet, in the Jewish religion.

In 1017 Hamza Ben-Ali has set the principles of the Druze religion which remain confidential. Only the believers among the Druze are erudite in its teaching and laws, and this is transmitted orally from one generation to the next. For any person who has not shared the secret, the Druze religion remains secret and full of mystery.

Being a secluded and persecuted religion, the Druze had found refuge on the Hermon and in Southern Lebanon.

In Israel they live on the Carmel, the Galilee and on the Golan Heights. Many of them serve in the IDF in combatant units. Our excursion to the Druze villages and municipal centers will enable us to learn about their heritage, the folklore and everyday life.

As for the culinary part, we will have the occasion to be introduced to the unique Druze kitchen.

In addition we will visit the holy sites of the Druze community like Nabi Shu’ayb, Nabi Sablan and Nabi Hazouri, as well as other sites.