Jerusalem and christianity

Jerusalem is the holy city for the three monotheistic religions.

From the Christian point of view, Jerusalem abounds with sites where Jesus lived and died. Some of these sites are those were he stayed during the last week of his life, and those became by his believers, holly places and pilgrimage sites for the Christian World. The churches on the Mount of Olives, the Via Dolorosa – where Jesus passed on the way to his crucifixion; the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, where he was brought for crucifixion, and where he also resurrected according to the Christian belief.

Other sites are spread around the city, like where Jesus’ miracles took place – the Pool of Bethesda, the Pool of Siloam. Our tours are adapted to the different religious events, and also close to the time of the Christian holidays, when one can watch closely the various ceremonies which take place in Jerusalem and in places outside of the city, like the revelation and baptism site at the Jordan River.