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Jerusalem- Model of Jerusalem in the Second Tempel period.My name is Shimi Oron – I am a high ranking retired reserve officer, a business manager and above all: a great admirer of our country, its landscapes, its sites and the stories that accompany its history.

In the framework of my military service I had assignments and took courses which enabled me to learn the land thoroughly and this in a very exciting way. After my long military service and when I entered my civilian business activity, I had the chance to learn more deeply our land.

In recent years I have decided to integrate my love and hobby to the land, and I took an amazing tour guides’ course, which enabled me to become a professional in this field.

As a tour guide, I put emphasis on the adaptation to the maximum between the different tour programs, while offering tours that are adapted to the characterization and profile of those participating in the tours – I offer a custom made tour.

I abound with many special ideas for very unique tours, offering sites of special delights, fun places for swimming and more, romantic places and even recommended areas for an Israeli barbecue, which we call Mangal.

I have a tourist vehicule, modern and spacius ( guide + 6 passangers).

If you wish to learn and read more, please click on the links on the right side and when ready… do not hesitate to call me, and we will work out together an unforgettable tour.

Thank you for visiting my website and NOW… let’s go on a journey together!

See you on the road… Shimi

Some “Dry” Information:

Graduate of the Tel-Aviv University – General History

Graduate of the General Israel Studies program (3 years) at the Avshalom Institute, tutor at the Institute

Graduate of the Tour Guide Course by the National Tourism School of Israel –  the Tel-Aviv Branch

Tour guide certificate No 8337

Languages: Hebrew, French & English

tel: +972-52-857-1900